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FALL - { HOW TO KEEP WARM WHILE LOOKING FABULOUS } Fashion tips from the TAO919 Team

Fall is the time of crisp leaves. The time for frigid mornings, where very many of you may spend towering minutes awaiting your bus, to school to otherwise.The time old cozy warm colors and ear muffs, but that may not always be your style, which can make you feel uncomfortable about your appearance in an already less than comfortable time. I’ve consistently felt these constricting feelings during the fall months and have a few tips on how to maintain your unique style while avoiding hypothermia. 


For those of you who prefer shorter outfits, but fear the price their length must pay, might I suggest (and this may seem obvious) tights. Often times (at least when I picture tights) I remember tights as uncomfortable, easily tearable (and terrible) accessory I had to wear to formal events, but recent takes on them have easily changed my mind. Some of the social media experts out there may have seen the trending “flower tights” going around. I’ve seen them everywhere, but in my search I rarely found a credible site selling them. A few I saw were “stuccu.com”, and amazon  users such as “ToBe-U”, both of these I haven’t tested yet, their prices being around $14-16, a plus, although some of their ratings would say that the price is anything other than a bargain, some variations being poorly made, and falling apart. While, other reviews praised their quality. 




High Waist Fishnet Stockings Sparkle Hollow Out Rhinestone Fishnet Pantyhose Tights
Overall the flower tights, when they are sold are usually sold in poor quality, although I have noticed one company that sells very good flower socks. Although these ones are not made for warmth, they due appear to hold a very high production quality. These socks are made by a trendy company called “lirika Matoshi”. This company very well suited for those of you (like me) who prefer a cute style with a pinch of edge. Although many of them of sheer (Tulle) and don’t appear to maintain any warmth, they do have a large variety of socks I’m dying to get my hands on. Much of their clothing is more suited for summer, but there are a few pieces I’ve noticed that could be part of a beautiful fall wardrobe. We’re also interested in featuring some of their pieces on our website! (Yay)
Lirika Matoshi ( https://lirikamatoshi.com ) Amber Sequin Tulle Socks
Lirika Matoshi ( https://lirikamatoshi.com ) Field Flowers Tulle Socks
Lirika Matoshi ( https://lirikamatoshi.com ) Stardust Tulle socks

Lirika Matoshi (https://lirikamatoshi.com ) Celestial Sweater, Floral Sweater, Garden of Dreams Sweater 

If your fashion is anything like mine, It’s a little all over the place. Some days I’m edgy and wear bright neon colors, while others I wear cute frilly flowy pastels. For a while I’ve been looking for a company that sells attire that matches my erratic fashion decisions. One of the reasons we created TAO919 is to fill the void we see in the fashion industry when It comes to some of these visions, but a company that comes very close that has been brought to my attention is “Marigold Shadows”. Marigold Shadows is a lovely clothing brand (We also sell select pieces of this brand). Their clothing mirrors many of the aspects of my many different style zones.Expertly crafting the cute and frilly, as well as the dark and edgy. Many of their outfits are fun to wear while maintaining warmth. One particular piece of theirs I love is Kimonya irregular blouse dress, which incorporates traditional clothing with a twinge of edgy.   Marigold Shadows has an exclusive, members on only offer in November - Subscribe below to save.


Thanks for reading, tune in next week for a review of the clothing brand “Tibi’s” newest collection!

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